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Manufacturer & Supplier of Pharma Supplements

Manufacturer & Supplier of Pharmaceutical Supplements
Delivering Health Globally

ImpressMed is a research-based pharmaceutical company that specializes in the manufacturing and export of high-quality pharmaceutical supplements. We strive to meet the highest quality requirements of the global standards and are committed to creating innovative digital healthcare solutions that can improve the quality of living.

We have successfully launched a range of products that are affordable and accessible all over the world. The idea behind ImpressMed is to leverage the latest technology and advanced medical science practices to create products that aids humanity at large.

Our commitment
At ImpressMed, We Strive To Create and Deliver The Best

To meet the highest quality standards, we ensure that all of our products are in compliance with international guidelines and regulations so that they can be distributed worldwide. ImpressMed’s production facilities are equipped with qualified and experienced personnel who adhere to stringent international guidelines, as well as focus on continual research & development.

Why Choose Us?
Full-proof Quality Control

We work round-the-clock to maintain the highest standards of quality in our manufacturing processes. We have a number of quality-checks in place, from ensuring raw materials are sourced from approved sources to conducting stringent testing on final products at various stages of production.

Manufactured from the best resources

Get access to medicines created from the world’s best resources while maintaining the economical price point. Active ingredients of our drugs have been extracted from rich natural resources that have more working potential with minimal side-effects.


Our trading system is absolutely transparent and allows manufacturers and customers to trade directly without any hassle. We allow stringent control over pricing and distribution without any mediators.

We keep getting better

Impressmed is continually evolving as a company, through innovation and development. We have a dedicated research and development team that strives to bring the best quality products to you.

Import & Export of Pharma

We also offer international import and export of pharmaceutical products. We bring pharmaceuticals from any corner of the world to you quickly, safely and efficiently. We are a registered pharma company, committed to spread best healthcare services all around the world. All our drugs are transported with utmost care and safety in the minimum amount of time. Our portfolio includes all kinds of pharma products, acquired from various corners of the world and are easily deliverable internationally. We are known for our consistent success rate in this field, with the best record of timely deliverables.

Overview of Our
Manufacturing Process

Our Manufacturing process begins with the procurement of raw materials.

With the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, some inactive ingredients are mixed with the active ingredients to create the finest and an accurate blend of meds.

The process also involves shaping, and minimizing the size of solid pills for easy consumption. The involvement of precise granules, moisture, roughness or smoothness is also decided during this process.

The next step is packaging and storing of all these products. The solid meds are packed in blister packs for easy accessibility. The liquid or semi-liquid products are packed in sterilized glass or plastic bottles and hot-sealed to reduce the risk of spillage. All our products are stored in cool units until transportation.

We take care of quality control all through raw material sourcing, procurement, production, distribution and product recalls by maintaining stringent checks on each stage throughout the entire process. To meet the highest quality standards, we ensure that all of our products are in compliance with international guidelines and regulations so that they can be distributed worldwide.


All ingredients used in our products are mentioned on the label. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

The products are labeled with the ingredients, dosage, caution/warnings, manufacturing date, expiry date and batch number.

We protect our products for cross contamination right from the procurement of resources, processing of the product itself, storing and transportation.

Our quality policy describes our principle of maintaining industry quality standards. We adhere to the quality assurance guidelines prescribed by WHO. Our team follows the quality manual to create and deliver the safest pharmaceutical products every time.

Yes, our packaging protects the products from all kinds of external contaminations. Unlike others, we provide 3-level protection to our products to keep them safe and leak-free during transportation.