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Leading manufacturer & supplier of pharma

ImpressMed is one of the largest global pharma distributors and suppliers, committed to providing our clients with the best and fastest way to get their medicines. With a perfect blend of health with advanced technology, we make grade-A healthcare products available to everyone around the world.  Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us the go-to choice for thousands of people. All our medicines are arranged, prepared  and dispensed by pharmacists. We are constantly expanding our business to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you need vitamins, supplements, or imported pharmaceuticals, ImpressMed has you covered.


Our digital healthcare platform,, caters to 10,000+ customers each year. With a wide selection of pharmaceutical products, our online pharmacy delivers medicines right at your doorstep, on time.

One-stop shop for all your health needs:

Ayush, Baby & Mom Care, Covid Essentials, Elderly Care, Health Conditions, Home Care, Medical Devices, Nutrition & Fitness, Pet Care, Men Care, Women Care, Skin Care, Hair Care and Personal Care.

Retail Pharmacy

We are also in the process of establishing a vast chain of retail pharmacy stores that make quality healthcare accessible to everyone.

Impress Med has been actively developing offline retail pharmacy stores in India with the objective of bringing world class healthcare facilities available for everyone.

With a rich history in retail pharmacies, we at Impress Med have been leading the way when it comes to improving people’s health. We have a team of skilled and knowledgeable pharmacists who can provide answers to your questions, or help you make sense of our range of products.


Pharmaceutical Supplements

We create and curate the best quality of pharmaceutical supplements, formulated with natural ingredients to improve your everyday wellness. We also have a well-developed distribution network that delivers medicine to every corner of the world.

To meet the highest quality standards, we ensure that all of our products are in compliance with international guidelines and regulations so that they can be distributed worldwide. ImpressMed’s production facilities are equipped with qualified and experienced personnel who adhere to stringent international guidelines, as well as focus on continual research & development.

Pharmaceutical Wholesale

We are one of the world’s most reliable companies for the wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. We don’t just sell products, we deliver solutions to those who need them.

As a wholesaler supplier of pharmaceutical products, we operate from multiple warehouses across places and use a sophisticated online ordering system which allows us to store large quantities of stock at any one time. This allows for rapid delivery to our customers both domestically and internationally.

Our commitment

We bring Healthcare & Advanced Technology in one platform to deliver the care you deserve.

Fast & Easy

Forget the long halts and poor service of second-class pharmacuticals. ImpressMed is the easiest way to get your products delivered right on time.

No Compromise on quality

We've partnered with the finest pharmaceutical brands to ensure the best quality is delivered to our customers.


We prioritize customer service. That's why we offer hassle-free delivery from the manufacturer to the customer, transparent pricing, and an easy returns policy.

Wide range of products

With a vast network of Pharmaceuticals, ImpressMed can provide you with medicines from all over the world at affordable prices.


Yes, we are a licensed online pharmacy. Our license numbers are KL-KAS-165936, KL-KAS-165934, KL-KAS-165935, KL-KAS-165933.

Yes, we have a strict confidential policy. Customer’s personal information including name, orders, address and other medical records are only accessible by the staff and the customer. 

Our online pharmacy is open 24/7. You can order medicines in just 4 simple steps. Search for the medicines you need > add to cart > Upload Prescription > Checkout. 

In case any product is damaged, wrong, or missing, please write to our customer service executive at [email protected].

Certainly. With every order, we provide a valid copy of an invoice that is also sent in the email provided by you.

We accept bank transfer, card payment, UPI Payments and Cash on delivery.

All imported medicines are available in our catalog. Please contact our customer service if you are unable to find the meds.